Enough with the Gnashing of Teeth!!

A couple who love each other dearly but cannot come out to the world. For if they do, both will be shunned, jobs will be lost, finding a job to replace the last one will prove difficult once the rumors start spreading. Then harassments, people who do not agree with your union will throw things at your home or at you as you try and go about your every day life, people will begin to threaten you and your loved ones. One or both might be killed, one or both might be imprisoned, one or both might be beaten, maybe raped. No judge will file your marriage certificate, no pastor will officiate the wedding. All because they do not agree with your union.

I’m not talking about the same gender marrying. I’m talking about interracial marriage. And not too long ago it was against the law. Many couples’ homes were burned down, they were ran out of town, many couples were murdered or savagely beaten, many couples were put in jails or asylums, because you must have a mental problem if you want to be with someone who is not in your ethnic group right?

It baffles me to see people who were once oppressed try and justify why they should oppress others based on THEIR beliefs. A belief that is not held by many people. You may not agree with it, it’s ok. Don’t agree with it, but don’t try and force your beliefs down someone else’s throat to prevent them from being with someone they love. And I know people are talking about pedophilia and other stuff, but children cannot consent. Children cannot enter contracts, children are still growing up, still developing, so pedophilia is one sided so please don’t do that argument. If two or three or four, or however many CONSENTING adults CONSENT to a relationship, are in love, then WHY are you concerned about what you believe? If you don’t enjoy being oppressed, then why attempt to oppress others? I’m for same sex, polygyny, polyandry, polyamrous relationships. I’m also for the betterment of my people, and constantly trying to divide ourselves, based on what one person or a few group of people is not helping us, it’s hindering us.

Let’s build. Together.


Death Becomes Us All

imageKilled a hornet in the window today. Then I looked outside, and saw fresh young sprouting leaves, the youthful green leaves, the yellowing leaves, and the crinkled brown husk of leaves being blown to the ground by the gentle breeze. I realized I’m going to die. I mean, I’ve been knowing I was going to die. But witnessing all of these accounts of life and death by simply watching nature, kind of brings a bit of calmness. I am going to die; I grew in my mother’s belly, I was birthed, I had my baby years, toddler years, adolescent years, and currently in my young adult years (28 is still young adult right?). My daughter is going to die. And we don’t enjoy thinking about our loved ones not being here physically. I don’t know why when people die around the clock on a daily basis. I don’t know why we are so shocked or surprised when someone of age finally draws their last breath. I do understand though, we are use to them being here physically with us. Even if we don’t see them all of the time. Rather we go in old age, or from sickness, or from something horrible happening to us, or an accident. We all are going to die. My mother will not be here soon, my father will not be here soon, my brothers, my daughter, my relatives, my friends. I will not be here soon. The sun rises and falls, babies are born, and the elders release their souls back into the spirit realm. No one can answer why death happens, especially those horrible deaths and those who were gone too fast, but death happens. It’s a fact of life. No matter what you believe, you will die. And I don’t mean to be a downer, and I am not depressed, just thinking.

Older people embrace death because they lived life and they are tired, younger people want to horde life and try to find a way to slow it’s progress. No matter how much you change your outside, or even eat healthy, exercise, etc. you will die.

I guess what I am really trying to say is, live your life to the fullest! It amazes me how we all are worried and have all of these mental problems, thinking on things that cannot hurt us. Everyone is trying to get money, “I can sleep when I die,” that statement is used in reference to hustling. The trees aren’t “hustling” to pay a bill, the ants aren’t worried about finding a job to provide income, they have a job which is take care of the community. Every day, I knock down spider webs; their home, and guess what? Every day, they rebuild those things!

I believe we all, as a people who are “living” in this “civilized” place or places, have been bamboozled. What are we working for? What are we worrying for? What is the anxiety for? What are all of these bills for?

When we die, none of that will matter. So LIVE!! Live NOW! While you still have breath and health! If you have a dream GO FOR IT!! Because the time will come where you will not be able to do what you wish, what you want. Because that time will be the last breath that you draw.

First foot forward to being a world traveler.

imageimageOn the 11th of June 2014, me and my daughter set out to embark on our first time at traveling abroad. Over the months, my stomach was fluttery, my head was swimming with positive and negative thoughts, and I felt like I was running a gauntlet towards the finishing line. Many times I thought to myself to turn back, that it was only a dream and only going to be a dream of mine. That I would stay in Texas until I was old and gray and look back on all the possibilities that I should have taken. Thankfully, I drowned those negative voices down with loud humming! Now we are in BEAUTIFUL Alessandria, Italy and have been here for five days! We shall be here for a month and on to the next country and opportunity! My daughter and I are learning Italian, eating what Italians eat, observing a new culture, and experiencing something new! I never thought I could finally live my dream! No one believed in me, no one believed I would finally go about and make this happen! I have been researching and pre-planning for years, seeking the perfect opportunity and program to travel by.

My main thing was finances; how was I going to pay for our traveling? I mean, we have to get there first which is no less than $1600 for both of us and that’s a ONE WAY TICKET! Then of course our transportation there, the place we would stay at, food of course, and then entertainment, of course we would want to do something while in another country, who wouldn’t? And because of finances, a lot of people talk themselves out of ever traveling past their city or a couple of states. I say plan smartly! And I do not mean save save save, which you should do, but also, I mean try to find inexpensive or free alternatives. I went through http://www.workaway.inc; it’s only 22e to join as an individual, I forget how much as a couple but maybe 44e. Since my daughter is under 12 I did not have to purchase the couple  deal, and your account is good for two years!

Ok so basically, workaway is a site to help a person link up with someone who wants to host you for the return of you working for them. Now before you get haughty or even too excited, let me just say, your host can only request that you work no more than five hours a day; I’ve seen some workaway opportunities that show three hours of work a day. Now are there hosts that might want to ask for more or try to get more out of you? Yes; are you obligated to do so? No, and they might ask you to leave after that, and you can inform others of this on the website as well as the program itself. Create your account, and start looking at countries and hosts that interests you, or if you already have a country in mind, look at the lists of hosts in that area. Currently, I am staying at a Bed and Breakfast site; so far I have polished silver, swept the patio where people sit out to take in the view and eat, water the garden, clean out the pool, and just clean up. The work varies from site to site, so there may be heavy lifting, or watching after children, or house sitting, or running errands.

You don’t get paid for this and they do not pay for you to get there, now if you do find a host that does this, point me in their direction please! However, for the most part, hosts give you room and board, as in they feed you and house you. Now the housing varies as well, and you will need to have that discussion with your future hosts once you get in contact with them. I have seen where some hosts will not provide the workawayer with food, which they outline in their accounts as well. Some charge a small daily fee as well. Look for something that interests you, view the photos, and the comments, and begin to dream again. This is my first time doing this, and I feel very blessed to be with the people that are housing me and my daughter. They adore her, they don’t ask for much, and they want to make our stay here fantastic! Let me know how your search goes! Ciao ciao!!

Women’s freedom in stride

It seems that over the years males have had such a hatred and need to control the female while killing her spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. A woman has to stay inside a certain circle and adhere to the rules that were created by men regarding a woman’s very being! A woman does not have control over if she needs or wants to get an abortion; laws have been placed and changed to prevent a woman from getting a hysterectomy or tubal ligation. A woman has to be a certain age and or have a certain number of children, or a medical professional must deem it necessary to perform either of these surgeries. Whereas, a man can receive a prompt vasectomy, and of course he does not have to worry about his body being burden with carrying a child to term. Many say women are respected, but the treatment in society is not a display of respect and affection but degradation and objectification. In a government, ran mostly by males, women are treated second to children in what a woman should do, wear, and act. Women are taught to cover up, not to be so brazen, don’t be “masculine”, stand by your man, be submissive, keep be a good cook, be a good mother, have children, be married, don’t act too wild, don’t talk about disgusting bodily functions. Rules, rules, rules, rules! Placed on females by males, and if a woman should dare venture outside of the box constructed for her by society, she is attacked by insults, defamation of character, and sometimes even physically assaulted. What are we to do in this situation? How can a man possibly know the struggles and rollercoaster that a woman is subjected to day in and day out? I say we at least start with getting laws away from what a woman should or should not do to her body. That is a private matter, and people who always quote their religious beliefs in the reason why they oppose it should not be heard. Why? Because there is supposed to be the separation of the state and the church. When I became aware of politics, I always hear religious quotes being uttered as if someone else’s opinion on what they should do with their body is any business of that specific person. I do not see liquor being outlawed, I do not see strip clubs being torn down and closed, hell, pedophiles have a more leeway over their bodies than women. All of these laws should be overturned and any laws attempting to change that should be shut down. A woman has a right to have contraceptions, a woman has a right to an abortion if she so chooses, a woman has a right to birth controls. I am wondering why all of these religious politicians and lobbyists aren’t concerned with the child AFTER it’s born? Most of these politicians are against government assistance and have the nerve to utter that the woman should have known better to get pregnant and that is the fault of her own. A lot of these religious politicians and their supporters victimize rape victims, and victimize them even more if they do get pregnant. I don’t believe in adultery but there are not any laws pertaining to that from the Supreme Court. I do not know if a change will be made in my time but the women’s rights movement is still alive because there are strides that need to be taken to strike down the patriarchal stamina and uplift women.

Act smart not racist.

What is it about a black male that gets people clutching the purse tightly and adrenaline rushing through their veins, where they feel the need to fight or flight? What is it about a black male that police feel the need to go after them with guns out, safety off, and directly pointed at the suspect? What is it about their black skin that has people on edge? Even black people? I know a lot of people will say, they look scary, or black males are known to be violent, aggressive, and lots of them kill each other. However, I can counter that with, black males kill each other, not white people for the most part; white people kill white people, and at a more alarming rate than black males kill each other. I do not recall a white male going into a movie and wasting everyone away with bullets, I do not recall a black male bombing buildings in Oklahoma, or killing and eating other males. Furthermore, I have barely heard of a black serial killer, sorry he would have been suspected too early to keep on killing. I believe it’s the media’s fault; of course almost every day you see that a black male did this and did that, and they parade his face on the news for all to see before there is even actual evidence that proved without a doubt he committed the crime. 

I remember one time when I was young, I kept seeing the constant pictures of black males being looked for for questioning or for possibly being associated with a crime; not even prosecuted, just being looked for. They even did this for black children; however, when it was a white person that committed the offense, they did not show their picture until they were brought up on charges, and of course it was only briefly. They NEVER showed a picture of a white child hat was brought up on charges because of his/her youth. I was in awe of this differentiation based on the color of a person’s skin. Of course multiple observations and experiments have shown that people who watch the news are more fearful of the world, even though most of what the news reports are isolated incidents. My aunt was fearful of EVERYTHING, and that’s because her favorite things to watch was the new, the crime shows, and America’s Most Wanted; if you’re in the house all day, being fed negative images on a daily basis by a biased source then of course you come out with a negative conclusion. 

It’s sad that a black male has to think about what he does or how he acts around everyone. Now of course you have hooligans that are bad, but just as some white males create chaos; rape, murder, beat up, steal, etc. so you have other ethnic sameness in other ethnic group. Black males and black people as a whole should not be generalized due to the small sample you have witnessed over the media or had an encounter with. If one black person does it or did it does not mean that ALL black people will do it or are guilty of it. If that were that case then all white people are child murderers, designing bombs in their basement, have a plan to get rid of their spouse permanently, and loves eating human flesh! Doesn’t sound sane right? Now I am not saying let your guard down or whatever, but if you’re going to have your guard up be it for everyone! If you are a police, you are supposed to protect and serve, and you cannot protect and serve if you are fearful of the very citizen that you signed up to protect and serve. Exercise correct judgement which does not take in consideration that person’s skin color or upbringing. 


Just finished watching the second episode of Sleepy Hollow; it was so good I had to watch it twice. For instance, there was one scene that made me think about today’s population’s mindset. Maybe the ideology of the “common sense” has made society as a whole a zombie. Icabod and the lady officer– goodness I need to remember names– however, they were driving to the police station, and she was talking while he was savoring donut holes for the first time until he devoured the last of the donut holes and pulled out the receipt. Icabod became disgusted with himself for enjoying such an expensive delicacy. “Four dollars and twenty-one cents!!” Icabod exclaimed; and not only that but the forty-one cents levy for a bag of donut holes made him even more livid. Icabod stated that the war started over a two percent levy and he was in shock that Americans were not as livid as he and started war for the outrageous prices we have to pay on the day to day basis. Now of course my mind is whirring, and I am wondering what happened to us that we have normalized the paying of heavy taxes. We have been so comfortable regarding taxes, and government digging into our pockets we don’t even thin twice when the government takes “their” portion from our paychecks before we receive the money we have been slaving for. Furthermore, “we” or society itself, has made paying extremely high taxes as patriotic and Americans frown on people, especially poor people who are not able to pay their taxes or not able to work. What are these taxes for? Social Security? Medical benefits? Food benefits? People who pay the highest in taxes are not even eligible for these benefits, and corporations as well as people who are in the legislative, executive, and judicial branch have skirted around and found loopholes in not paying these so-called taxes. So we are taxed on our paychecks, we are taxed on necessary items such as food and clothing, we are pretty much taxed out of our ears. I guess after the Boston Tea Party, wars, and civil unrest, the government became smart, and pushed the patriotic working American, that gives to his/her country and does not ask or expect anything in return. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,” has been branded in the American spirit and has been taught generation on down. If a person asks for assistance of any kind shame on them; they’re ostracized and shown to the light as an unfit human and American and a waste of life. The most patriotic American is the middle class American, and yet they do not see that they and they alone are the only ones holding America up.

As the cost of living increases, and civilian unrests regarding jobs not hiring, companies moving jobs offshore to keep the cost of labor down, job cuts, and the only job growth is from companies who are seeking part-time workers, or are only offering minimum wage jobs, why aren’t we really focusing on changing things? How is it that Congress can vote for their own pay increase due to their cost of living; although they do not pay taxes, pay for their insurance, pay for their homes, or even pay for their vehicles, but the normal American citizen has to fight and make a decision between going to work or going to the hospital to seek medical attention for an ailment that has been plaguing them for some time, or should they eat or get that prescription, or keep their lights on or pay their rent? I know a lot of people have no such remorse for others until they are in the same situation as the people they turn their noses at on a daily basis, but if we keep looking out for numero uno, we will all suffer. Suffering is what this nation is best at, especially since Americans have an individualistic mind set. One of the reasons why most people who come to this country thrive; they still are equipped with a community mentality. Together we will succeed or we will fall. Let’s start fighting.


Still of Tom Mison in Sleepy Hollow