Just finished watching the second episode of Sleepy Hollow; it was so good I had to watch it twice. For instance, there was one scene that made me think about today’s population’s mindset. Maybe the ideology of the “common sense” has made society as a whole a zombie. Icabod and the lady officer– goodness I need to remember names– however, they were driving to the police station, and she was talking while he was savoring donut holes for the first time until he devoured the last of the donut holes and pulled out the receipt. Icabod became disgusted with himself for enjoying such an expensive delicacy. “Four dollars and twenty-one cents!!” Icabod exclaimed; and not only that but the forty-one cents levy for a bag of donut holes made him even more livid. Icabod stated that the war started over a two percent levy and he was in shock that Americans were not as livid as he and started war for the outrageous prices we have to pay on the day to day basis. Now of course my mind is whirring, and I am wondering what happened to us that we have normalized the paying of heavy taxes. We have been so comfortable regarding taxes, and government digging into our pockets we don’t even thin twice when the government takes “their” portion from our paychecks before we receive the money we have been slaving for. Furthermore, “we” or society itself, has made paying extremely high taxes as patriotic and Americans frown on people, especially poor people who are not able to pay their taxes or not able to work. What are these taxes for? Social Security? Medical benefits? Food benefits? People who pay the highest in taxes are not even eligible for these benefits, and corporations as well as people who are in the legislative, executive, and judicial branch have skirted around and found loopholes in not paying these so-called taxes. So we are taxed on our paychecks, we are taxed on necessary items such as food and clothing, we are pretty much taxed out of our ears. I guess after the Boston Tea Party, wars, and civil unrest, the government became smart, and pushed the patriotic working American, that gives to his/her country and does not ask or expect anything in return. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,” has been branded in the American spirit and has been taught generation on down. If a person asks for assistance of any kind shame on them; they’re ostracized and shown to the light as an unfit human and American and a waste of life. The most patriotic American is the middle class American, and yet they do not see that they and they alone are the only ones holding America up.

As the cost of living increases, and civilian unrests regarding jobs not hiring, companies moving jobs offshore to keep the cost of labor down, job cuts, and the only job growth is from companies who are seeking part-time workers, or are only offering minimum wage jobs, why aren’t we really focusing on changing things? How is it that Congress can vote for their own pay increase due to their cost of living; although they do not pay taxes, pay for their insurance, pay for their homes, or even pay for their vehicles, but the normal American citizen has to fight and make a decision between going to work or going to the hospital to seek medical attention for an ailment that has been plaguing them for some time, or should they eat or get that prescription, or keep their lights on or pay their rent? I know a lot of people have no such remorse for others until they are in the same situation as the people they turn their noses at on a daily basis, but if we keep looking out for numero uno, we will all suffer. Suffering is what this nation is best at, especially since Americans have an individualistic mind set. One of the reasons why most people who come to this country thrive; they still are equipped with a community mentality. Together we will succeed or we will fall. Let’s start fighting.


Still of Tom Mison in Sleepy Hollow


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