Act smart not racist.

What is it about a black male that gets people clutching the purse tightly and adrenaline rushing through their veins, where they feel the need to fight or flight? What is it about a black male that police feel the need to go after them with guns out, safety off, and directly pointed at the suspect? What is it about their black skin that has people on edge? Even black people? I know a lot of people will say, they look scary, or black males are known to be violent, aggressive, and lots of them kill each other. However, I can counter that with, black males kill each other, not white people for the most part; white people kill white people, and at a more alarming rate than black males kill each other. I do not recall a white male going into a movie and wasting everyone away with bullets, I do not recall a black male bombing buildings in Oklahoma, or killing and eating other males. Furthermore, I have barely heard of a black serial killer, sorry he would have been suspected too early to keep on killing. I believe it’s the media’s fault; of course almost every day you see that a black male did this and did that, and they parade his face on the news for all to see before there is even actual evidence that proved without a doubt he committed the crime. 

I remember one time when I was young, I kept seeing the constant pictures of black males being looked for for questioning or for possibly being associated with a crime; not even prosecuted, just being looked for. They even did this for black children; however, when it was a white person that committed the offense, they did not show their picture until they were brought up on charges, and of course it was only briefly. They NEVER showed a picture of a white child hat was brought up on charges because of his/her youth. I was in awe of this differentiation based on the color of a person’s skin. Of course multiple observations and experiments have shown that people who watch the news are more fearful of the world, even though most of what the news reports are isolated incidents. My aunt was fearful of EVERYTHING, and that’s because her favorite things to watch was the new, the crime shows, and America’s Most Wanted; if you’re in the house all day, being fed negative images on a daily basis by a biased source then of course you come out with a negative conclusion. 

It’s sad that a black male has to think about what he does or how he acts around everyone. Now of course you have hooligans that are bad, but just as some white males create chaos; rape, murder, beat up, steal, etc. so you have other ethnic sameness in other ethnic group. Black males and black people as a whole should not be generalized due to the small sample you have witnessed over the media or had an encounter with. If one black person does it or did it does not mean that ALL black people will do it or are guilty of it. If that were that case then all white people are child murderers, designing bombs in their basement, have a plan to get rid of their spouse permanently, and loves eating human flesh! Doesn’t sound sane right? Now I am not saying let your guard down or whatever, but if you’re going to have your guard up be it for everyone! If you are a police, you are supposed to protect and serve, and you cannot protect and serve if you are fearful of the very citizen that you signed up to protect and serve. Exercise correct judgement which does not take in consideration that person’s skin color or upbringing. 


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