First foot forward to being a world traveler.

imageimageOn the 11th of June 2014, me and my daughter set out to embark on our first time at traveling abroad. Over the months, my stomach was fluttery, my head was swimming with positive and negative thoughts, and I felt like I was running a gauntlet towards the finishing line. Many times I thought to myself to turn back, that it was only a dream and only going to be a dream of mine. That I would stay in Texas until I was old and gray and look back on all the possibilities that I should have taken. Thankfully, I drowned those negative voices down with loud humming! Now we are in BEAUTIFUL Alessandria, Italy and have been here for five days! We shall be here for a month and on to the next country and opportunity! My daughter and I are learning Italian, eating what Italians eat, observing a new culture, and experiencing something new! I never thought I could finally live my dream! No one believed in me, no one believed I would finally go about and make this happen! I have been researching and pre-planning for years, seeking the perfect opportunity and program to travel by.

My main thing was finances; how was I going to pay for our traveling? I mean, we have to get there first which is no less than $1600 for both of us and that’s a ONE WAY TICKET! Then of course our transportation there, the place we would stay at, food of course, and then entertainment, of course we would want to do something while in another country, who wouldn’t? And because of finances, a lot of people talk themselves out of ever traveling past their city or a couple of states. I say plan smartly! And I do not mean save save save, which you should do, but also, I mean try to find inexpensive or free alternatives. I went through; it’s only 22e to join as an individual, I forget how much as a couple but maybe 44e. Since my daughter is under 12 I did not have to purchase the couple  deal, and your account is good for two years!

Ok so basically, workaway is a site to help a person link up with someone who wants to host you for the return of you working for them. Now before you get haughty or even too excited, let me just say, your host can only request that you work no more than five hours a day; I’ve seen some workaway opportunities that show three hours of work a day. Now are there hosts that might want to ask for more or try to get more out of you? Yes; are you obligated to do so? No, and they might ask you to leave after that, and you can inform others of this on the website as well as the program itself. Create your account, and start looking at countries and hosts that interests you, or if you already have a country in mind, look at the lists of hosts in that area. Currently, I am staying at a Bed and Breakfast site; so far I have polished silver, swept the patio where people sit out to take in the view and eat, water the garden, clean out the pool, and just clean up. The work varies from site to site, so there may be heavy lifting, or watching after children, or house sitting, or running errands.

You don’t get paid for this and they do not pay for you to get there, now if you do find a host that does this, point me in their direction please! However, for the most part, hosts give you room and board, as in they feed you and house you. Now the housing varies as well, and you will need to have that discussion with your future hosts once you get in contact with them. I have seen where some hosts will not provide the workawayer with food, which they outline in their accounts as well. Some charge a small daily fee as well. Look for something that interests you, view the photos, and the comments, and begin to dream again. This is my first time doing this, and I feel very blessed to be with the people that are housing me and my daughter. They adore her, they don’t ask for much, and they want to make our stay here fantastic! Let me know how your search goes! Ciao ciao!!


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