Women’s freedom in stride

It seems that over the years males have had such a hatred and need to control the female while killing her spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. A woman has to stay inside a certain circle and adhere to the rules that were created by men regarding a woman’s very being! A woman does not have control over if she needs or wants to get an abortion; laws have been placed and changed to prevent a woman from getting a hysterectomy or tubal ligation. A woman has to be a certain age and or have a certain number of children, or a medical professional must deem it necessary to perform either of these surgeries. Whereas, a man can receive a prompt vasectomy, and of course he does not have to worry about his body being burden with carrying a child to term. Many say women are respected, but the treatment in society is not a display of respect and affection but degradation and objectification. In a government, ran mostly by males, women are treated second to children in what a woman should do, wear, and act. Women are taught to cover up, not to be so brazen, don’t be “masculine”, stand by your man, be submissive, keep be a good cook, be a good mother, have children, be married, don’t act too wild, don’t talk about disgusting bodily functions. Rules, rules, rules, rules! Placed on females by males, and if a woman should dare venture outside of the box constructed for her by society, she is attacked by insults, defamation of character, and sometimes even physically assaulted. What are we to do in this situation? How can a man possibly know the struggles and rollercoaster that a woman is subjected to day in and day out? I say we at least start with getting laws away from what a woman should or should not do to her body. That is a private matter, and people who always quote their religious beliefs in the reason why they oppose it should not be heard. Why? Because there is supposed to be the separation of the state and the church. When I became aware of politics, I always hear religious quotes being uttered as if someone else’s opinion on what they should do with their body is any business of that specific person. I do not see liquor being outlawed, I do not see strip clubs being torn down and closed, hell, pedophiles have a more leeway over their bodies than women. All of these laws should be overturned and any laws attempting to change that should be shut down. A woman has a right to have contraceptions, a woman has a right to an abortion if she so chooses, a woman has a right to birth controls. I am wondering why all of these religious politicians and lobbyists aren’t concerned with the child AFTER it’s born? Most of these politicians are against government assistance and have the nerve to utter that the woman should have known better to get pregnant and that is the fault of her own. A lot of these religious politicians and their supporters victimize rape victims, and victimize them even more if they do get pregnant. I don’t believe in adultery but there are not any laws pertaining to that from the Supreme Court. I do not know if a change will be made in my time but the women’s rights movement is still alive because there are strides that need to be taken to strike down the patriarchal stamina and uplift women.


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