Death Becomes Us All

imageKilled a hornet in the window today. Then I looked outside, and saw fresh young sprouting leaves, the youthful green leaves, the yellowing leaves, and the crinkled brown husk of leaves being blown to the ground by the gentle breeze. I realized I’m going to die. I mean, I’ve been knowing I was going to die. But witnessing all of these accounts of life and death by simply watching nature, kind of brings a bit of calmness. I am going to die; I grew in my mother’s belly, I was birthed, I had my baby years, toddler years, adolescent years, and currently in my young adult years (28 is still young adult right?). My daughter is going to die. And we don’t enjoy thinking about our loved ones not being here physically. I don’t know why when people die around the clock on a daily basis. I don’t know why we are so shocked or surprised when someone of age finally draws their last breath. I do understand though, we are use to them being here physically with us. Even if we don’t see them all of the time. Rather we go in old age, or from sickness, or from something horrible happening to us, or an accident. We all are going to die. My mother will not be here soon, my father will not be here soon, my brothers, my daughter, my relatives, my friends. I will not be here soon. The sun rises and falls, babies are born, and the elders release their souls back into the spirit realm. No one can answer why death happens, especially those horrible deaths and those who were gone too fast, but death happens. It’s a fact of life. No matter what you believe, you will die. And I don’t mean to be a downer, and I am not depressed, just thinking.

Older people embrace death because they lived life and they are tired, younger people want to horde life and try to find a way to slow it’s progress. No matter how much you change your outside, or even eat healthy, exercise, etc. you will die.

I guess what I am really trying to say is, live your life to the fullest! It amazes me how we all are worried and have all of these mental problems, thinking on things that cannot hurt us. Everyone is trying to get money, “I can sleep when I die,” that statement is used in reference to hustling. The trees aren’t “hustling” to pay a bill, the ants aren’t worried about finding a job to provide income, they have a job which is take care of the community. Every day, I knock down spider webs; their home, and guess what? Every day, they rebuild those things!

I believe we all, as a people who are “living” in this “civilized” place or places, have been bamboozled. What are we working for? What are we worrying for? What is the anxiety for? What are all of these bills for?

When we die, none of that will matter. So LIVE!! Live NOW! While you still have breath and health! If you have a dream GO FOR IT!! Because the time will come where you will not be able to do what you wish, what you want. Because that time will be the last breath that you draw.


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