Enough with the Gnashing of Teeth!!

A couple who love each other dearly but cannot come out to the world. For if they do, both will be shunned, jobs will be lost, finding a job to replace the last one will prove difficult once the rumors start spreading. Then harassments, people who do not agree with your union will throw things at your home or at you as you try and go about your every day life, people will begin to threaten you and your loved ones. One or both might be killed, one or both might be imprisoned, one or both might be beaten, maybe raped. No judge will file your marriage certificate, no pastor will officiate the wedding. All because they do not agree with your union.

I’m not talking about the same gender marrying. I’m talking about interracial marriage. And not too long ago it was against the law. Many couples’ homes were burned down, they were ran out of town, many couples were murdered or savagely beaten, many couples were put in jails or asylums, because you must have a mental problem if you want to be with someone who is not in your ethnic group right?

It baffles me to see people who were once oppressed try and justify why they should oppress others based on THEIR beliefs. A belief that is not held by many people. You may not agree with it, it’s ok. Don’t agree with it, but don’t try and force your beliefs down someone else’s throat to prevent them from being with someone they love. And I know people are talking about pedophilia and other stuff, but children cannot consent. Children cannot enter contracts, children are still growing up, still developing, so pedophilia is one sided so please don’t do that argument. If two or three or four, or however many CONSENTING adults CONSENT to a relationship, are in love, then WHY are you concerned about what you believe? If you don’t enjoy being oppressed, then why attempt to oppress others? I’m for same sex, polygyny, polyandry, polyamrous relationships. I’m also for the betterment of my people, and constantly trying to divide ourselves, based on what one person or a few group of people is not helping us, it’s hindering us.

Let’s build. Together.