Leap of Faith

I do not know what the future may hold for me

I’m just getting back to my dreams

Just starting over again this writing thing

I do know what I would like to do

But it’s big not small and I am not so sure I can pull it off

After years of stopping and starting

And running because fear will do that to you

Or to me

I’ve really been giving this so much thought

I’ve been crying and screaming 

Huddled quivering in blackness like I had some sort of infliction

Not sure if illness of the mind is worse than illness in the body

After giving much needed thought and consideration

I have decided to jump out

Or at least stick my toe in and test the waters I am about to dive into

Everything sounds so good in my head 

And I can never get the rhythm right, or what am I really writing about

Do the pieces fit, is that a misapplication of a punctuation, 

How’s my grammar, how about spelling

Pronouns, nouns,

Is what I’m talking about relevant?

So many decisions, so many critics

How many negative voices will I hear overcry, overshadow the few

The few who get it, who have open minds

Who want to learn? 

After giving much thought and consideration

I’ve decided what the hell…

I do not know what the future holds for me

But I know that it’s up to me 

To mold the future to the future that I wantImage